Lok-Lift® is a revolutionary and environmentally friendly carpet installation system for commercial use. Installing with little or no prep time required, Lok-Lift eliminates odors and harmful VOCs commonly found with wet adhesives. The product’s unique dry bond adhesive mesh creates a total edge-to-edge adhesion between carpet and subsurface. Thus, creating a secure installation that can be used over virtually any flooring surface including carpet, concrete and vinyl.

With its quick and easy installation, Lok-Lift significantly reduces workplace disruption and saves time and money when floor covering repair or replacement is needed. Lok-Lift also has significant tax advantages.

Lok-Lift is perfect for a variety of commercial industry applications, including healthcare, institutional, corporate, retail, aviation, transportation and marine. It’s even the perfect solution for temporary commercial installations. Lok-Lift is the problem solver when dealing with vinyl asbestos issues.