Rug Gripper Testimonials and Reviews

“I would like to express my appreciation for your product called Rug Gripper™. It is gratifying to use something that lives up to its claims. Thank you for a very good product!”

Maureen B. - Ontario, Canada

“I have purchased other brands, but nothing works like your product Rug Gripper™.”

Mary C.

“I bought Rug Gripper™ a few years ago and I have found countless uses for it since then.”

Jean H. - Altamont, NY

“This is the best product around! I have been unable to find anything to hold down my rugs without ruining my wood floors except for Rug Gripper™.”

Laura S. - Dearborn, MI

“It is a superb product…As impressive as the product is, I am even more impressed by the exceptional quality of the service you offered. What an extraordinary company! Please accept our deep and heartfelt thanks!”

Marian G.

“I am an art teacher and your Art Gripper® product is the only thing that seems to work after 22 years of experimenting.”

Sue S. - Tampa, FL

“This is such an exceptional product. It’s great for us elderly people.”

Delores B. - Spokane, WA

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. It does everything you said it would.”

Jenny E. - Potomac, MD

“I know most stores have similar product, but nothing works like yours. Thank you!”

Ruth T. - Phoenix, AZ

“I have used your product in the past with great success…It is the kind that works well on all floor surfaces, including carpet.”

Yvonne N. - Lake Wales, FL

“I am a delighted customer of your Rug Gripper™ product. It does everything that the advertising on the carton proclaims.”

Jim. M - Portland, OR

“We have eight cats and they are always rolling my rugs into balls. So, now the problem is solved!”

Pauline E. - Burnsville, MN

“It’s the only thing I’ve found that works.”

Elizabeth D. - Edgewood, MD

“I love this product and use it faithfully.”

Debbie M. - Pennsburg, PA

“I love your product…it is such a fabulous product. I use it for everything!”

Kathy S.